Tips for a successful interview: posture and smile

An invitation for an interview in a new company is often a source of anxiety for the candidate, because the competition is high and the probabilities of exceeding the interview are becoming more limited.
Regarding this, many personnel selection experts now compete to give advice on possible secrets of a winning interview. A survey carried out by the personnel managers of large companies revealed that, during the interview, the human resource officers pay attention to posture, attitudes sheldonand the smile of the candidate.
A bad posture, a fake smile and a too vigorous handshake may derail the outcome of an interview. These details, however, are likely to obscure the real and effective capacity of the candidate. We believe the real secrets to successful interview are naturalness, spontaneity and professionalism.
These requirements, together with the ability to control your anxiety, allow you to face an interview in a more relaxed manner, with a correct posture and a more natural smile.
During the interview you must also show what you can do, showing without presumption your experiences and your willingness. At the end of the interview, you cannot tell what the real impressions of your interviewer are, but it is important to always maintain a positive attitude.