How to turn an internship into a permanent job

Make a good first impressioninternstarssuccess

Consider your internship as a long-term test. If you understand that this is the place for you, do not wait until the end of the stage to tell your employer. Expressing your interest in staying there will ensure that your supervisor observes and evaluates you more carefully. Even if you work for a company for only a short period, behave as if you are an employee, eliminating from your mind thoughts like, “I am just an intern”. For example, if you do not know the answer to a question, find it out. Do not ask your boss for help with anything. Similarly, offer to perform tasks that can lighten the workload of others and show that you are able to do something that no one else has thought of. For example, you could improve the organization of data into an Excel file or rearrange the files. This, however, does not mean that you should settle for simple administrative tasks. You are working for the opportunity to develop new skills. Therefore, do not just do
what you already know how to do. Start taking on even the most challenging tasks that you have never done before. If something goes wrong, keep calm and be professional and positive. Don’t be afraid because you will be evaluated on how your behaviour is both in terms of failure and success.

Make sure you are the right person

An internship is a great opportunity to see if you are the right person for the existing team, so try to be part of the team as much as possible. Strive to learn names and be sociable with everyone, including the receptionist.

Be sure to get a good recommendation

Organize a meeting with your boss before the end of the internship. Be polite and tell them that the internship was very informative and a great experience, and you really enjoyed working with him / her, but soon you’ll have to seek a permanent job. Ask for a recommendation and propose that they keep you in consideration if they open up opportunities for a paid role within the company.

Be ready to leave

It may be that the company doesn’t really have the funds to hire you, but that does not mean others will not want to. Often, the best thing that a trainee can do is have the bravery to leave. If the company where you have done the internship wants you, they will contact you. Give them time to understand the value of your work and maybe they will soon realize the great resource you were.