Cover Letter – Why It Should Be Included Within Every Application?

While many people agree that a cover letter is as important as a resume in the job search process, we are certain that it is even of bigger importance than the resume which describes skills and previous experience.

At this point, you may be asking why a cover letter is so much important?

From a strategic perspective, having a cover letter really matters since it is the mocover letter importance internstars internships in ukst precise and desired weapon to have in the battle of winning a job. First of all, it targets the job in a very specific way and leaves the resume to be the paper that conveys your skills. But most importantly, an extraordinary cover letter is the adaptable part of the application, with which you confirm your skills in (written) practice. So, instead of changing your resume every time, which people obviously do when it comes to a specific job, a cover letter conveys all the information needed for both the participant and the employer.

However, a great cover letter should not repeat the resume in any way whatsoever. Instead, it should present your focus for the job – why is it attractive to you and ultimately, your desire to work for the employer with the qualities you bring on the table. —-The main reason why both employers and candidates should include cover letters in their job adverts and applications accordingly is the depth of the whole story of the candidate to the employers. In fact, the dozens of pages including awards, certifications and simply ‘sheer greatness’ never fascinate an employer as much as a written story of interest for a particular job.

With an ability to reveal the work ethic, style of expressing as well as attention to detail of the candidate, a cover letter is important for every job position; it certainly provides a glimpse into the personality of the candidate that even the Nobel Prize can’t show, if included in the resume portfolio. In reality, there are many employers who demand cover letters as a part of the job application process. However, according to a study it has be found that merely a half of the candidates submit cover letters – even when they are required. This can obviously state the level of interest for the job but also the weakness and/or unwillingness of the candidate on another level – which certainly splits the process in half.

While nearly half of the candidates submit cover letters along with resumes, the percentage of effective and engaging cover letters splits up on half again. This means that only a quarter of the candidates know how to write an effective cover letter, which is a terrible fact to be aware of nowadays, when having in mind the rapid society and a fast-paced world of challenges and opportunities we are living in.

Many employers have agreed that they appreciate the candidates who took time to craft a cover letter even more than the ones with impressive resumes. Simply, they have been found to be more than ready for an interview but also more determined and passionate when it comes to the job position. The conclusion coming from this is simple – proper work ethic and determination will always outnumber the number of awards and certifications.

In the end, we would like to show you what elements should be conveyed in an effective cover letter:

  • At first, certain interest about the website or company as well as understanding of the business must be shown. 
  • A belief that the personality of the candidate fits the organizational culture (with details provided).
  • A desire to work with the organization with its values in mind.

These three strategies always help selling the expertise of a candidate and are a huge asset to the employer. Obviously, it needs to have a proper format and appearance, and with knowing that nowadays no one is opening envelopes, the digital form of a cover letter should always be in PDF. However, proper separation of the cover letter with the resume is more than needed.

It all comes down to three simple paragraphs that will certainly change the feedback from the employer – giving you a chance to fit in the organization with your passion and determination. So, if you thought that cover letters are usually skipped, now you know that that is never a case. Instead, they are the factors that set the bar higher for every candidate.