The difference between Internships and Apprenticeships

The global workforce has been revolutionized with the last decade, putting greater accent to internships and apprenticeships. Designed as programs that allow quicker learning established as a trade in the work environment, many people confuse both of the positions, thinking they are very similar. However, they both have their own specialties which make them different.
Today, we will clear out the confusion of the modern world and talk more about internship and apprenticeship, the differences and which one is better to choose.

Internship – What is it?internshipsVSapprenticeships

Internships are periods of short-term, temporary work. They usually last for a few weeks or maybe months. They have possibilities for further growth and they both take the private and the public sector of companies. Many people practice the internships with working in a particular role and helping their career to grow in the particular field. Internships are initial phases of many careers and definitely prospects for further growth, started with beneficial training.

Apprenticeship – What is it?

Being a formal employment program training people to do specific jobs, an apprenticeship is a position which leads to a particular career. Unlike the internships, the main difference is the previously known role of the candidate as well as the act of signing an official contract. While being apprentices, many people are thrilled in learning specific skills about their future job position and see if they can evaluate the work activities in it properly. The most popular apprenticeship programs last from one to six years, unlike the short-term internship positions. That makes apprenticeships more formal and dedicated positions leading to further careers.

The Differences

1. The number of internship programs is always bigger

Normally, apprenticeships are not that common as internships in the world. However, there are always a few that people find and apply for.
In Europe, the number of apprenticeships is bigger than in the United States. However, the total number is always on the side of internships – being job programs created to engage greater workforce as a general view of a work trade solution.

2. Apprenticeships are long-term oriented

Although we stated this one previously, we must cover it again. A candidate looking for an internship is usually a person that wants to learn more about the industry or have a greater grasp of knowledge in it. While as an intern this mainly comes down as an interest for the candidate, when being an apprentice, he or she dedicates his time and work into becoming a employee for the particular position.

3. Apprenticeship vs. internship salary

When talking about salary or payment, apprenticeships are definitely more competitive. Their formal character and the greater possibility for growth is the main reason they pay more while making you the ideal employee for the position. An internship salary is rarely going to pay the bills, while being an apprentice can and usually gives salary to live with.

4. Apprenticeship vs. internship training

Being an intern comes to position with less responsibilities. Seeing how the company operates and works on a daily basis surely gives an idea of the business, but rarely gives full hands of responsibilities and working late. When speaking about apprenticeships connected to responsibilities, there are always more. The whole deal at the end is seeing if you are the perfect fit for an intern or an apprentice in the particular career.

5. Apprenticeships end with a job

Finally, the main difference between internships and apprenticeships is the end result. While apprentices almost in every single case end with a job for the candidate, an internship usually counts as an experience the candidate had. The proper teaching and training are always a part of the apprenticeships, where the candidates are treated as exactly the ‘new and fresh’ employees in the company. When a candidate completes an apprenticeship, he or she earns a certificate of being proficient to the job he/she has been trained for.

Conclusion – Which one to choose?

Basically, it all comes down to your own interest. If you are not sure about the role or the industry you are entering, try being an intern and see it in details. On the other side, if you see a special apprenticeship advert which catches your interests and is the job you have always loved, dedicate in training and learning it to the maximum. Eventually, that will be the job you are skilled for and love doing.